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My Crush on Footnotes

I wanted to write about this for a long time, but couldn’t just get to doing it. Mary Beard’s July 26, 2012 blog in the Times Literary Supplement (TLS) jogged my memory. I thought I should get it off my chest without any further delay. It was in 1978 after I entered the portals of Jawaharlal Nehru […]

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Can’t Your Employees Be Your Brand Ambassadors?

Businesses are single minded in their focus on conveying their brand promise to the market. They are intensely extrovert. They ought to be. Perhaps, even the best of efforts to reach out to the market also seem to fall short of some notional standard that lurks in the minds of the business leaders. The drive […]

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How ‘Disruptive’ is Disruptive?

Market is indeed crowded. There is a lot of communication happening. Every company is trying to engage the attention of the consumer to push a product, to position its brand, or to tell the market about its unique selling proposition. The newspapers, television, bill boards, radio, email, social networking sites, are full of someone or […]

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Power and Glory

One was an influential person of the town. The other one was a modest, but respectable individual. The former held an important public office. The latter retired as a teacher. The person holding public office was my father. For some specific purpose they were at that time meeting regularly. I watched their interaction with each […]

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Damn Zakaria by all means, But…

Fareed Zakaria is found plagiarizing from Jill Lepore’s article in the New Yorker. He has apologized unconditionally for having let a passage from her writing slip into his piece for the Time Magazine and also into the recycled CNN blog post. Zakaria did not try to advance excuses. Did not try to cover up. Did […]

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They Don’t Do Strange Things. They Do Things Strangely

At the stage of scrutiny of the nominations, an objection was raised against the candidature of the other person. It was pointed out that the challenger was not a wearer of khadi. That he was not a Khaddar dhari, and therefore, it was contended that he was not eligible to hold the office of town […]

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