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It is Actually Modi Vs Modi in Gujarat

In Gujarat Elections 2012, it is essentially Modi Vs Modi. It is not a contest between BJP on the one hand and Congress and Gujarat Parivartan Party (GPP) on the other. It is not between Narendrabhai and Keshubhai. Nor is it between Modi and Rahul/Sonia. It is a contest between Modi that is seen as […]

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Zoo in the Public Gardens

Whenever I came to Hyderabad during vacation, I used to spend a lot of time in the State Central Library in Afzalgunj. From Andnda Nilayam in Begumpet to Afzalgunj the ride in that small Hyderabadi rickshaw cost just one rupee. Imagine the joy of a long ride on the roads of Hyderabad squatting in a […]

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సర్దుకో లేవు, కానీ …. చెప్పుకోనూ లేవు

సర్దుకో లేవు కానీ …. చెప్పుకోనూ లేవు

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