A State with a Vision

AP CM Receives Governor

AP CM Receives Governor


Today the Governor of AP has addressed the state legislature’s joint session. He unveiled the vision of the state government in a comprehensive manner. He touched upon almost every aspect that engaged the attention of the government in the last 9 months.

The speech of the Governor not only narrated what the government has been able to do since it took office in June last year, but also gave an idea of what it has set out to do in the coming months and years.

The speech is striking in some aspects. It boldly proclaimed that the government has set for itself a target to make Andhra Pradesh one of the three best performing states in the country by 2022, the year in which we celebrate the Platinum Jubilee of our independence. It also announced the government’s objective of making the state the top performer in the country by 2029. It also declared the government’s ambition to make the state the best investment destination in the world by 2029.

Let me point out what is the most remarkable feature of this government. It has a vision, and it thinks that vision is important. Not many governments invest time and resources to brainstorm and formulate a vision. The Governor has announced that the government is preparing a Vision 2050 Document.

Not only does Andhra Pradesh have a grand strategy and a long term vision, it has also come to grips with the small and macro factors that have either been pulling down or enhancing the vital growth indices. The administration has readied plans to neutralise those that are pulling us down and accelerate those that contribute to the growth. There is ample clarity on this.

The Governor captured the essence of the grand aim of the government and the Chief Minister when he said that we are committed to eliminate poverty, reduce economic inequalities and create a healthy, clean and happy Andhra Pradesh.

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  1. May 25, 2015 at 9:56 am #

    Sir, I desired to send a letter, your web did not allow me to have your mailing address. Hence posting the comment here.


    Dr P V Sesha Sai
    Executive President – World Brahman Organization
    #303, Vijetha Sanjeevani Apartments, 6-4-8, Musheerabad Main Road, Secunderabad A.P
    500080, Phones Mobile 9440422613, landline 040-65581368
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    23rd May 2015
    Honorable Prime Minister of India
    New Delhi
    Dear Sir,
    Regarding : Hinduism and Section 498 A
    I admire your leadership and the achievement you have made during the past one year. Hopefully, we, the proud Indians, are going to witness many more great incidents under your leadership.
    Most painful it is, today, I saw an article in Andhra Jyothi – a local magazine, wherein an eye catching caption “Family Courts do not have holidays including Sundays” was found. It appears that the divorce cases doubled in Bharat within the past ten years. If the rate increases in this fashion, there will not be any Hindu in another thirty years. Daily 30 cases are being disposed in four family courts only in Hyderabad. The first position goes to Delhi, next to Bengaluru and the third one is that of Hyderabad. 13 cases out of 1000 marriages are now going for divorce. In the same report it is indicated that the Family Courts are even working on Sundays to clear off the pending cases.
    Interestingly, most of the Ladies fundamentally approach Section 498 A and file at the Police Station initially. Ladies should be given all protection, there is no one to question this, but unfortunately, they are misusing this section since there is NO COST INVOLVED. Hardly a white paper matters for dissolution of the family relations. The Boys are put to all hardship, in spite of the fact, that the Honorable Courts are giving different rulings and granting some kind of protection to the fake cases. It is a fact, most of the cases are fake cases for silly reasons as per psychologists analysis. That means, there are only a select few cases of harassment where punishment becomes essential.
    The young husbands are now-a-day accepting “living together” concept, just in order to keep themselves away from Section 498 A and nothing else. Thus, the birth rate in the Hindu families is declining rapidly, thereby giving a threat to the Hinduism and its basic roots.
    I do not wish that the Section 498A be modified or deleted, there is nothing wrong in making Law, but that should not be a curse to the future generation.
    You might have noticed through my previous letters on different topics, I do not express a problem, but surely I wish to study a solution for the problem. In the similar fashion, I am suggesting a solution within the parameters of legal as well political. Thus the solution for this problem shall be initially, a serious punishment for the fake and false, fabricated cases. -2-
    The punishment in the first instance shall be levied on the Investigating Officer who blindly supports the Section 498 A and favor only the Lady Complainant. The Punishment should go to a range of suspension or declining of promotion for life time, if the court dismisses the complaint. The Investigating Officer happens to be the ear and eyes of the law, they are normally under several local influences. It is therefore suggested, that the investigating officer be given all freedom to express only facts supported by documentary evidences, so that load on the Courts gets reduced. The Case should be constructed in such a manner that he shall remain accountable for all lapses till the final judgment on the case.
    Secondly, the complainant should produce recorded evidences in support of her case under section 498 A, and in the event of the case getting dismissed, the complainant should be punished with 1) Compulsory imprisonment for a term not less than three years; 2) payment of a penalty to the tune of Rs.5 Lakhs for all the costs involved including Police Investigation, Court Costs plus costs for the mental torture suffered by the husband; 3) in the event of a child bondage between wife and husband, the child should be given to the Husband for taking care of the future of the child and the wife will have no right to claim the custody of the child since the case has arisen only on account of a fabricated case by her. Such serious punishments shall help building up real cases of harassment and reduces the load on the courts, as well reduce the rate of divorce on silly grounds.
    These serious punishments will make the wife and husband to understand each other and try to solve the problems if any, by themselves. It is citizen’s right to see that acts are made in such a way that a real criminal do not escape, and a non- criminal be punished.
    Most important is that, MARRIAGE IS A DREAM IN ANY ONE’S LIFE AND LAKHS OF RUPEES ARE SPENT ON THIS SACRED BONDAGE. Today, within three months the ties are broken. Daily 30 divorce cases in Hyderabad means, 30 marriages are getting broken per day- most awful situation and alarming.
    Only you can do something to save the wife and husband relationship, and only you can save the future generation and only you are the hope for Hinduism. We, the senior citizens, are with you, Let us save India and let us save HINDUISM. Can we not do something at least now?., yes, we can, and we will.
    Dharmo Rakshati Rakshitah. MERA BHARAT MAHAAN
    Yours sincerely
    Hara Hara Mahadeva
    Dr P V Sesha Sai

    Note: I am prepared to associate myself with the Law Ministry if any further constructive suggestions are needed. I will involve myself on full time basis without any reward or remuneration and in the interest of Family Relations in the country.
    copy posted to http://thereformsiexpectinindiathenextgen.blogspot.in/
    Copy to the Honorable Central Minister for Law and Justice

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