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Celebrating Telugu Language, Literature and Scholarship

Two legends were felicitated the other day by Turaga Foundation in Vijayawada. Sri C Raghavachari who edited Visalandhra daily newspaper for over thirty years was given Turaga Krishnamohan Award in Journalism. And Smt P Satyavathi who wrote very influential short stories was presented the Turaga Janakirani Award in Literature. About 70 people attended the meeting and as many […]

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I am Back!

It’s a pretty long time since I have been here. I got busy with a lot of professional commitments. Our company (RightFOLIO) was busy with a large pre-poll survey exercise. I was fully immersed in it, dealing with mounds of data that flowed continuously from the field. We had a challenging task of validating the […]

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This is My Charminar

I came to live in Hyderabad in 1992, a few months after I returned from the London School of Economics (LSE). Economic reforms have just been unveiled in India. Perhaps no other city adapted itself so fully and quickly to the liberalized and globalised phase of the Indian economy as did Hyderabad. Today you will […]

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Telangana Bill Passage: Historic Day or Murder of Democracy?

Discussion on NDTV’s Left Right & Centre Programme with Nidhi Razdan on the shameful way the Telangana Bill was passed in the Lok Sabha.  

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Response to a Rejoinder: Indecent Proceedings of Lok Sabha

In a rejoinder to my piece (TNIE Feb 20 ) N Venugopal chose to call my account about the indecent hurry in passing the Bill “as full of lies”. He chose to tell his readers that “at least 12 members spoke and 5 others submitted written representations on the Bill.” He wanted the readers to […]

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The Quiet Subversive

Post by Parakala Prabhakar.

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ధర్మవరపు సుబ్రహ్మణ్యం గారితో

ధర్మవరపు గారితో నా పరిచయం, స్నేహం సుమారు రెండు దశాబ్దాల నాటివి. అంతటి స్నేహశీలి, సంస్కారవంతుడు నాకు మిత్రుడవడం నా భాగ్యం. జీవితాన్ని అమితం గా ప్రేమించిఇన వ్యక్తి. మంచి భోజనం, చక్కటి సంభాషణ, దూర ప్రాంతాలకు ప్రయాణాలు, సంగీతం, సాహిత్యం, ఇవన్నీ ఎంతగానో రసించి ఆస్వాదించిన వ్యక్తి. ఎన్ని పద్యాలు నోటికి వచ్చో ఆయనకు. మృదువైన హాస్యం అందించగలరు, ఎదుటి వారి నుంచి అందుకోగలరు. నేను ఎన్నికల్లో పోటీ చేసినప్పుడు నాకోసం ప్రచారం చేయడానికి వచ్చి […]

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Piya Piya Piya!

01 PIYA PIYA PIYA MORE JIYA (BAAP RE BAAP) An old likeable melody.

Amma in the portico

Amma spent years in underground along with Nannagaru during the days when the Communists implemented the so called ‘Ranadive Thesis’ and took to arms to overthrow the Nehru government. She spent many anxious months at her maternal home when Nannagaru was underground with shoot at sight orders on him. She wasn’t sure during those days […]

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Clouds. From above

On my way back from Chennai when I looked out from the window of the plane I found these marvellous clouds below. They are like soft, silky, thick, pure cotton wool.