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My Reading Corner

    This is my little work corner at home. I read, write, think, reflect and sometimes just sit there quietly. I guess that I am only a little older than this table. Amma got it made a little after I was born. My father sat at it. When he was out of town, I […]

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ఈశావాస్యం లో మురిపించిన పచ్చదనం

వినాయక చవితి రోజు. పండుగ భోజనం చేసి, చిన్న కునుకు తీసి బయటికి వచ్చి చూస్తే ఈశావాస్యం లో మురిపించిన పచ్చదనం! ఈ చిత్రాల్లో చూడండి.  

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Chennai. From Above

  I took this picture from above while the plane I was travelling took off from Chennai. Chennai does look pretty!