Emotional Cost of Division of Andhra Pradesh

I have always argued that the basis of unity is not utilitarian consideration. It has never been my case that we should oppose division of Andhra Pradesh only because it means some loss to the people of one region or the other or to all the regions in terms of jobs, water, resources, and educational opportunities.

I have always argued that unity of Telugu people is a great and paramount value and an end in itself. Even it it means that by staying united if we lose, the loss is insignificant when compared to the cultural and national gain that unity brings to a people.

This programme in Headlines done by TS Sudhir has my observations too.




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  1. January 1, 2014 at 6:27 pm #

    My Name is Satya Amarnath, I am from East Godavari District I work in Bangalore. I am here requesting you for your help,I am fighting for the cause to save the future of Godavari Delta Farmers. I am Samaikya vadhi, but it seems like division is inevitable. I belive it is the duty and responsibility of every citizen of Godavari Districts to safeguard the interests of their farmers and future prospects of their districts.
    As you are well aware of Bhadrachalam Revenue Division, which holds

    nearly 180 Km of Godavari River catchment area is now being merged with Telangana. This move will directly impact our farmers as the revenue division holds key to many irrigation projects like inchampadu and in this time if we cannot protect the interests of our farmers, our farmers will have to be at the mercy of Telangana State for ever.This is really bothering me and driving me to extreme ends. we need your help, please help us, the main reason I am requesting for your help is I have gone through so many blogs & social platforms and my conclusion is that some groups or organisations who have huge interest in Telangana and associated with T- Agitation are viciously pushing their agenda and misguiding the whole Nation using social media platforms( I mean by paying some social media marketing agencies)

    In my urge to save godavari delta farmers I have also written mails to all BJP National leaders and their response is meagre.one such mail was also sent to Nirmala Sitaraman .
    At that time i didn’t know she was your wife. Frankly speaking I didn’t even know much about you, I was of view that you are a Tv Anchor and nothing more, till recently. As I started searching
    more blogs,websites and social media platforms I came to know about your profile and personality and your relationship with Nirmala Sitaraman. I feel it is not just me atleast 1 lakh people from godavari districts should write to BJP and demand for Justice as it is our genuine right to question BJP and Vajpayee ji and catch hold of them, If you remember Godavari district people stood by BJP by sending 2mps from east godavari out of 4 Mps during 1998 elections, which helped BJP form Govt for 1st Time and again 2 MPs in 1999.I was studying 9th class in 1998, but after learning the greatness of vajpayee from my teacher, I presurrised my parents to vote for BJP.I think this has happened across the district which is why they were able to win 2 Mp seats. Now BJP is running similar campaign on Narender Modi. I strongly belive every citizen of our District has right to question BJP to safegaurd the intrests of our district farmers and prove their moral values(Moral values BJP boasts off always ). Before voting them to power again.
    Looking forwad for your help and requesting you to mail me your contact no and convenient time, so that i can reach you. my email id satyaamarnath26@gmail.com

    • January 9, 2014 at 5:13 pm #

      Mr. Satya, you can contact Mr. Y. Raghunath Babu, BJP’s Seemandhra Udyama Committee leader.

  2. May 26, 2014 at 10:39 pm #

    Dear sir…I am retired dy director of sports authority of India .We met several times when you are director of Rajivgandhi foundation at Tamilnadu…I was at that time in Bangalore….Now I am retired and settled at Bhimavaram….I was trying to meet you during your vishal andhra meetings but could not meet….I congratulate you on confirming ministry on your beloved wife..at present I am in. US ..after I return I will surely meet you with regards

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