Is it Telugu Vs Telugu?

I participated in a discussion on CNN-IBN which posed the question whether it is Telugu Vs Telugu in the unfolding drama of the Centre’s move to divide the state of Andhra Pradesh?

I argued that it is not Telugu Vs Telugu but it is Integrationists Vs Separatists.





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  1. November 2, 2013 at 1:44 pm #

    After bifurcation of Andhra Pradesh, there can be consequential situations where a developed areas would demand for separate statehood and there could division between developed and under developed areas in different states.

    For Example, Imagine if Hyderabad is declared as a capital of Telangana after 10 years, and after 10-15 years from then some regional political party for their own reasons want Hyderabad to be separate from Telangana region and the Central Government is pushed to such political compulsions, according to our Constitution Hyderabad can be made separate state without the consent of Telangana Assembly, what would be the fate of people from districts of Telangana. Will this be justifiable?

    Or If Vijayawada is made capital of New Andhra Pradesh, after 10-20 years, a political party from New Andra Pradesh wants separate state along with Capital Vijayawada, what would be the fate of people from other parts like Rayalaseema and Uttara Andhra? Will this be justifiable?

    My point here is that if people from around capital cities area start to demand for separate states like Chennai with surrounding areas for separate state without consent of Tamilnadu Assembly, Bangalore with surrounding areas for a separate state without consent of the Karnataka Assembly, Mumbai with surrounding areas for a separate state without the consent of Maharastra Assembly, what would happen to people farther from capital city of that state?

    Think it is time to amend Article 3 accordingly where people with Capital City and its surroundings of a state cannot demand for a separate state along with developed piece of land in future keeping in view of broader interests’ people in different areas of that State.

    Or if such demand arises for a separate State along with the State Capital, it should be considered by the Parliament only with Consent of the Concerned State Assembly.

  2. November 8, 2013 at 3:31 pm #

    What Integration are you talking about sir??
    Only people of one region wants the Integration others want demerger…You call yourself Integrationists???
    TG struggle is the result of gross neglect of the region on all fronts and Violations of the assurances and agrements made to safegaurd the
    education, employment, revenue and other natural resourceIntrests of the poeple of TG region. I don`t understand how intellectuals like you
    wantedly ignoring the facts and history argue with blatant lies!! TG with Hyderabad is not the demand of yesyerday… its been there and lived for decades and streghtened
    with the successive governments failing the region again and again. TG politicians and Ministers have their fair share and they are the abbetors of the viaolations and
    injustice done to TG. Its the poeple movement is only streghtened woth political will with a never giveup leader KCR unlike Marri Chena Reddy who sabotaged the TG movement even after
    winning 11 of 14 MP seats in TG region and went on to become the Chief Minsiter of AP. Had it not happened Telangana would have been separarted in 1969..

    @Vijay Gudipati
    Don`t try to generalise the new states demands in other states and compare them wiht TG. By doing so you intentions are clear only to create panic,lies about the integrity of the
    country. TG is not about Hyderabad being developed and we want it.Hyderabad cannot be separated from TG struggle…

    • November 9, 2013 at 3:56 pm #

      Dear Sri Srinivas,
      Thanks for responding for my post.
      I think you are under the flase impression that the entire population of Telangana region wants division. There is no evidence of that. Electoral outcomes clearly show that the separatist platform has very paltry support from the public. Please examine the election results since 1971/72 to 2009. Separatists in all the three regions could not muster support consistently. The support for the issue was only sporadic, and if they one win, they had half a dozen convincing defeats.
      There are large section of people who want unity in Telangana.
      You must also know that there are sizeable sections of people in Coastal and Rayalaseema who want division.
      So the issue is not Telangana Vs rest of Andhra Pradesh. And therefore, it is not Telugu Vs Telugu.
      It is clearly between those who want unity and those who want division.
      You must know that there are both these opinions in all the three regions of the state. Maybe one stream is prominent in one region and another stream is more pronounced in another region. 1969 and 1972 agitations are a very clear evidence of what I am saying.
      I think you need to come out of this ‘neglect’, ‘exploitation’ ‘backwardness’ ‘violation of agreements’ mindset. They are comprehensively disproved by every study. None of these allegations or assertions is supported by any authentic data. You must spare a bit of time to read up the Planning Commission data, and also the elaborate treatment of these issue in the Srikrishna Committee’s report.
      In fact, even the most rabid separatist has jettisoned these arguments long ago. When they have no arguments based on economy, history and authentic data they have resorted to the absurd ‘self-rule’ argument.
      In any case there is no evidence that the Congress/UPA have decided to bifurcate the state because they bought these ‘backwardness’, ‘exploitation’ and ‘violation of agreements’ agruments. It is going ahead with this project of division for sheer cynical electoral gamble. They will soon realise that it is a gross miscalculations.
      I am an integrationist. All the three regions are equally dear to me.
      My mission is to convince those who want division – in all the three regions – and win them over for the cause of unity and integration.

      • November 11, 2013 at 11:54 am #

        “My mission is to convince those who want division – in all the three regions – and win them over for the cause of unity and integration”

        Sure, go ahead & convince everyone. In the meantime, don’t try to force “integration”.

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