Kodandaram Threatens Minister Sridhar Babu

The Chairman of Telangana Political Joint Action Committee (T-JAC) Prof Kodandaram said that Minister Sridharbabu will meet the same fate as his father.

For those of you who do not know what kind of fate Sridhar Babu’s father met, here is a brief account. Sridhar’s father, Sripada Rao, was the Speaker of our State Assembly. He was a very popular leader and an affable person. He was brutally gunned down in cold blood by the Naxals. That was the fate that he met.

What Kodandaram meant very clearly was that Minister Sridharbabu would be also brutally murdered in cold blood.

I was actually stunned to see Kodandaram’s statement. I knew him as a Rights activist before his present avatar as the head of the rag tag outfit called Telangana Political JAC. He is also a Professor of Political Science in a University.

I wanted to give him benefit of doubt. I thought it might have been a slip of tongue; he might withdraw it; he might say that he was misquoted by the media; or if he were bold, he would even apologise for having said that kind of a thing.

So I waited for the papers to arrive and look at how he would respond. I wanted to rely on the unhurried newspaper reports rather than on the racy reporting of television.

But to my shock Kodandaram did not withdraw the statement. He did not apologise. He did not deny that he said what appeared in the papers and the television. He merely said that one should not see what he had said separately from his entire speech. He gave a long explanation and papers have faithfully carried it verbatim.

His long explanation had nothing but gibberish. It had no explanation that could in any way justify his words.

There was no remorse in his words and his tone.

What is more astonishing is that none of the rights activists in the state had condemned Kodandaram’s threat and his use of violent language. We have in Andhra Pradesh no dearth of rights activists who would inveigh against violation of rights, especially that of right to life. There are some self-styled Gandhians taking part in this agitation. Their silence is inexplicable. And inexcusable.

This clearly exposes the character of the ongoing Telangana agitation.

It is fundamentally an anti-democratic agitation. It doesn’t tolerate a reasoned refutation of its postulates. And it is aware that its postulates cannot stand to reason and its protagonists cannot answer searching questions.

The agitation is evil. It is sinister. It is diabolical. It is murderous. It is manifestly violent.

The agitation is led, fed, and carried out by elements that have no belief in the fundamental tenets of democracy and civil liberties.

Now, after we know what Kodandaram said to the Minister, we are clear about what sustains this agitation.

It is not argument, but coercion. It is not facts, but threat of violence. It is not an yearning for justice, but the sinister ambition of a bunch of people who have no respect for fundamental rights.

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  1. September 19, 2012 at 3:48 am #

    As soon as it became clear that in guise of Telangana you can say or do anything all the educational pretense of Kodandaram Reddy has flown out of window. What you see is the feudal attitude that the “doras” of the region are known for .

    But why single out Kodandaram Reddy I notice many educated people have not given up their caste identity though fortunately there are not that many causes which allow such a naked display of feudalism or caste ism.

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