Social Media is a Time Stealer


I have drastically cut down the time I spend on the social media these days.

 I was unsure whether I would lose much by distancing myself from Facebook and Twitter. But I took a chance.

Today I can tell you that I hadn’t lost much; well, perhaps nothing at all. I rather gained. I have a lot of time for myself now. And I am saved the plight of being a reader of hundreds of clever things that people think up to serve every day on these networks.

The benefits of social media are unarguably great. You get to know the breaking news, connect with friends, make new friends, and generally get a hang of what people are thinking about and what issues are exercising their minds.

But there is a serious downside to it.

Social media is a big time stealer.

Without realizing one tends to spend a lot of time on it reading a lot of garbage in the name of updates. It steals your sleep, your quiet, your leisure, your work, and shuts you off from your immediate surroundings. All this happens without you actually noticing it. That’s the most dangerous thing about it. It fills your day with spurious activity.

As you get into the social media whirlpool, you tend to look at the updates/tweets of the same people again and again. What they ate, whom they hate, what they did, what they saw, whom they hanged around with, what they planned, what they wished, and many more

such silly things. These encourage you in turn to post equally silly and hollow things yourself, thereby adding to the mountains of nonsense out there on the net.

By getting away from the social media, you surely miss some good posts, nice observations, and some wonderful pictures in the process. But the benefits far outweigh the price that you pay.

You pay with the dearest of all the resources in your possession: your time.

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  1. June 21, 2014 at 6:09 pm #

    Dear Dr Parakala Prabhakar Garu,

    Namaste! I have first seen you on T.V some years ago,conducting current affairs programme and was attracted to your diction, selection of telugu words used in the conversation and the abundant information available in your comments and observations.It used to be an experience of delight.Thereafter, I noted that you were briefly associated in the past with (now) non existent PRP.I always wondered eversince- why would a person of your intellectual resources,choose to be with an actor convert politician with obvious limitations.Can you please enlighten me on this.
    You may please send an email to me, if there is no conflict of procedures. I wish to communicate with you more often on issues of human and social interest.

  2. June 26, 2014 at 2:31 pm #

    Sub: Invalid AP reorganisation bill without constitutional amendment under Article 368.

    The AP reorganisation bill passed by the parliament is illegal based in violation of following articles of the Indian constitution. I would request you initiate a scholarly discussion among the constitutional experts of India and if possible public debates.

    Article 3 proviso:
    Article 1 says India is union of states. Dr. Ambebkar clarified that states listed in the first schedule of the constitution are sovereign states unlike the provinces which were existing before adopting the constitution in the year 1950. He also clarified in the constituent assembly debates on proposed amendments to Article 3 that a state boundaries cannot be altered without the consent of that state since states are sovereign under the constitution of the India. i.e. their rights and powers as given in the Indian constitution are not liable to be degraded/ denied by the other constitutional entities such as president or parliament or speaker. Article 3 has undergone constitutional amendment in 1955 but the intent of the proviso applicable to the states is not changed. Please refer to these links and proposals to Article 3 while adopting the Indian Constitution) for more information and references. If the basic intent of the proviso in Article 3 is not considered (i.e accepting the views / resolution of the state assembly by the president/ cabinet of the central government), there is no purpose / meaning of taking the state assembly views. The extant proviso applicable to states in Article 3 would become superfluous / redundant. ‘Word by word’ meaning of this proviso shall not be interpreted instead the actual intent of the article 3 proviso must be considered.

    Invalid Article 4 (2) :
    Article 4 (2) invoked while passing the “AP reorganisation bill” is not valid in view of the clear cut procedure (not withstanding any thing elsewhere in the constitution) to be followed for any constitutional amendment under Article 368 after the 24th constitutional amendment in the year 1971.

    Section 1 of Article 368 (Power of Parliament to amend the Constitution and Procedure there for) says that “ notwithstanding anything in this Constitution, Parliament may in exercise of its constituent power amend by way of addition, variation or repeal any provision of this Constitution in accordance with the procedure laid down in this article”. Whereas Article 4 (2) says that marginal, consequential and incidental provisions framed under Article 2 or 3 need not attract the provisions of Article 368. The 24th amendment in the year 1971 to Article 368 clearly laid down the procedure to be followed for any amendment to the constitution not withstanding anything elsewhere in the other articles of the constitution. So Article 368 (1) makes provisions of Article 4 (2) invalid /not applicable any more when the proposed law/bill under Article 3 mandates amendment to the constitution.

    Thus the sections in the AP reorganisation bill which are not permitted by constitution shall only be passed under Article 368 procedure as a constitutional amendment.

    Please forward your comments on above aspects

    Best regards,
    N. Sasidhar

    • September 23, 2014 at 1:21 pm #

      Mr. N. Sasidhar:

      During the long struggle for Telangana state, assorted self seeking individuals threw up several half baked ideas in an effort to obstruct/derail the movement. All such clumsy attempts to impose “unity by force” ended up in the trashcan.

      It is surprising (possibly not) that such efforts continue even today.

      Article 3 proviso related:

      In the constitutional assembly debates you refer to, Dr. Ambedkar distinguished between “states” (i.e. princely states) that join under an instrument of accession & “provinces” (states under direct British rule that joined under the IOI act). He contended the former (e.g. Hyderabad) are semi-sovereign in nature and should have greater powers than Madras/Andhra etc.

      This distinction was in the end given up. The constitution as adopted by “we the people” recognized only “states” irrespective of their previous status.

      It is worth noting the proposed amendment was voted down. It is beyond all rational processes to dig up one comment made by one individual (however great he is) during a debate on an amendment that did not pass to decipher the law.

      The case law on article 3 is clear. Even the most rabid anti-Telangana hate monger has to admit this fact.

      Even assuming your contention is correct, it would not apply to Madras (a province) or Andhra, its former component. However Hyderabad would be eligible to this “relief”. The formation of AP in 1956 would therefore be ab initio void as Hyderabad’s consent was not obtained. Not something the Telangana hate crowd wants though…

      Article 4 (2) vs. 24th amendment:

      Section 3 of the 24th amendment & the resultant 368 (1) is an enabling provision. This merely asserts parliament’s power to amend any part of the constitution. This is very clear from the language itself as well as statement of objects & reasons.

      By no stretch of imagination can this be construed to infer the demise of 4 (2). It may be noted that an original constitutional article can be amended explicitly but not invalidated or struck down. In case an amendment conflicts with an original article, the amendment would fail.

  3. July 4, 2014 at 10:23 pm #

    Sir, My hearty congratulations to you on your new assignment. I sincerely hope AP will shine with your great vision.

    Though, I am feeling little disappointed that we are going to miss you on this site, I congratulate the Govt of AP for their wise decision.

    All the very best in your new assignment.


  4. July 4, 2014 at 10:44 pm #


    It is true that you achieved something or it is good to say that your knowledge and versatility have been recognized to serve the society in a better way as an Adviser(Communications). Sir,Congratulations.

    Is it happened just by distancing from Social Media?

    As you say, the benefits of social media are unarguably great. And also,as you say there is a serious downside to it. And it is true that “Social media is a big time stealer”.

    But,many people are reaching their goals or targets which are not for a healthy society, just by entering with wrong personal data in the Social Media.

    Sir,so,kindly spend some time of yours on the Social Media to fight against the entry/admission procedure of Social Media and also give us a chance to go through some good posts.


  5. July 9, 2014 at 3:08 pm #

    Glad to c u bak in action. I am a great fan of you seen you as the only the few persons who put up a bold fight against Telanganites. Congratulations for being appointed information adviser to our GOAP. I request you sir to kindly educate Central Govt. , people of “T” by regularly publishing “True” information which people are supposed to know. We have already lost a lot and got our State devided, thanks to the false propaganda by TRS as well as Congress “T” leaders against ‘Andhra People”. Its time to rightfully bring Truth to the Country. I wish u a very good success. Thannking you sir,
    G. Subba RAo, Hyderabad

  6. July 13, 2014 at 6:40 pm #

    But when you are in public life do you have better way of connecting with people? You can choose to whom to connect with and time to spend. I personally wish to read more of your thoughts on society.

  7. July 23, 2014 at 6:47 pm #

    I am a farmer. is it possible to share my thoughts with you.
    I need few minutes of you time. I am in Hyderabad now.

  8. July 26, 2014 at 10:40 pm #

    sir, its good you are back but one thing for sure that who ever follows some particular post regarding day to day politics or developments in society need your kind of thinking personalities. so that some changes in society may occur . and i want to know that what are your views regarding AP new capital sir and what BABU SIR GOVT shiould do to develop the whole AP uniformly not concentrating on one particular area.

  9. August 4, 2014 at 11:53 pm #

    Need to contact you on a rather urgent kind of basis. Do let me know your coordinates so that i can connect with you.
    Karthikeya Rupakula

  10. August 10, 2014 at 2:14 pm #

    I am glad you wrote this article. Today, I was going over twitter messages about Andhra and see tons of hate messages from our TRS brothers. I love twitter for the speed with which I can find updates about currents events. But lately, I realized that there is too much “noise” and its gotten really tough to separate “signal” from “noise” in twitter. I don’t have a solution on how make effect use of Twitter for news updates, but decided to just use it sparingly over the day from now.

    As much as I am tempted to reply to hate “noise”, I always wondered why NCBN and you would never reply to such hate comments. I decided to just follow you guys and just spent the anger and energy into something productive for the day.

  11. August 18, 2014 at 9:14 pm #


    So true.. i outta start minimizing this fb a lot.. you are so right about the down side. So far like you said unknown amount of large time gets wasted into it. I will take you blog point as inspiration and not visit fb for one whole day… Wish me luck.


  12. September 16, 2014 at 3:51 pm #

    Hi : the best way I found is to push all compulsive FB posters to acquaintances and run a separate folder on close friends…

    so trying to have best of both worlds..


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