T Argument: Relay Run of the Lame

Traffic on my social networking sites has seen a tremendous surge these days. But alas, a very unhealthy one.

Whatever is my post, people eventually end up venting their spleen against on my stand on the T agitation. I don’t mind a strong dose of criticism on my position. But instead of engaging in a debate or criticism, my facebook ‘friends’ turn aggressive, and abusive. Even the presumably educated ‘netizens’ too resort to filthy language and verbal intimidation. I was amazed at the choice of words by someone who claimed to be a doctor.

Actually, my argument is still eagerly waiting for a fair crack of the whip. But so far, no luck.

Recently I posted a link to an article from the Hoot on the way media makes and breaks icons. It is innocuous and unrelated to the T issue, I thought. But I was wrong. There was a spate of comments. Again about my stand on the T issue. A post giving my impression on the lyric ‘Kolaveri’ also had the same reaction.

A couple of days ago, I told my FB friends in a post that I accept every friend request but some people are taking undue advantage of it and resorting to abuse, filthy language, and intimidation. I told them that it will not take a minute for me to delete them from my list. But I will not like to do that and made a request that they should exercise restraint and not force me to press the delete button.

Well, what do I get? Again, a generous dose of abuse. Of course, several of my friends came to my defence and engaged with those who were intemperate.

T agitators seem to labour under a delusion:  they think that they are a privileged lot and cannot be questioned. They refuse to be engaged in a civilised debate. They don’t submit their views to scrutiny. They don’t want their views to be interrogated.

When I bring in socio-economic data, they say it is not about development. But till just a while ago they talked about backwardness, under-development and exploitation, theft of jobs and water, prevalence of unemployment and every other economic malady.

When economic argument is demolished, they bring in history. When I bring up the historical facts that contradict their claims, they refuse to be drawn into discussion.

Then they say that it is the majority opinion. As though having the support of majority indemnifies an opinion against any scrutiny. It is a different matter, however, that they do not have a majority support by any reckoning.

If I bring up the double standards of a political leader who is currently the loudest champion of their cause, they say their ‘movement’ cannot be reduced to the shenanigans of a political leader or his party.

They get emotional, hyper, and worked up. One person who claims to be an analyst with a leading MNC said on my Facebook wall that they will get Telangana because ‘God is there’.

When someone pointed out that he shouldn’t bring in God into this because God has many other things to do, this analyst (don’t forget that he is employed by a leading MNC) came up with the answer that is a real winner. He said, ‘because God has many other things to do, that’s why you people are doing all this. Otherwise, God would have killed you!’ How is that as an argument?

I’m sure, someone is ready to come up and say that that’s not a bona fide representative T argument.

If economic argument is not, if historical argument is not, if cultural argument is not, if linguistic argument is not, finally even if God’s intervention is also not, then, pray, what IS the argument?

This is the trick that keeps the whole thing going: If one argument collapses, they quickly disown it. And say that’s not the argument. If somebody loses an argument, they quickly disown them. And say they are not representative of the ‘movement’. They put up a new argument, or put up an old argument by a new outfit.

That is how the T argument lurches.

It’s a relay run of the lame. But it pretends to be a marathon.

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  1. December 1, 2011 at 3:07 pm #

    Mr Parakala…. where do u find abusive and aggressiveness in my below comment on your FB wall

    “Vivekanand Satrasala ‎@parakala any comments against u r wishes is considered abusive, filthy intimidation and leads to to violence..then u r not right…u have some serious problem
    Yesterday at 1:04pm · Like · 2”

    and plz check u r post and see…i have not even uttered “TELANGANA” word in that complete chain. U were not even ready for any discussion in whole post chain.

  2. December 1, 2011 at 6:32 pm #

    Dear Sir,
    Some of the FB friends in facebook who are supporting Telangana abused me even I wrote on general issues without any relation to separate Telangana agitation. It happened several times. Of course, I support united state as an integrationist but it does not mean I always talk about Telangana issue only and I can try to share my views on other issues like price rise or on evironmental issues or inflation or any other issue but these protagonists drag into that mud of seperate state issue which is irrelevent to the subject. I have requested them several times that particular issue is not meant for Telangana issue and intimated them that was not the platform they are arguing but they do not listen. At last, I left them for their wisdom.

  3. December 2, 2011 at 9:44 am #

    Dear friends
    I myself got some abused words from T-supporters;i understand that they are in frustration which is created by T- politicians; one day there frustrations goes on them;finally problem ends peacefully; until then we are just spectators;just pity to them for there stupidity

    • December 2, 2011 at 6:43 pm #

      The same frustration was created with an artificial movement called ‘Samaikyandhra’ when it started ? Where is it now ? Who started and who are leading it now ? And who are financing it now ? You may think that the problem ends peacefully… the problem will end only after Telangana state bill is introduced in parliament, of course they already declared the T statement on Dec 09, we are just giving some time for the high command and some break for ourselves. You are seeing the ‘Lull before the storm’ at this moment !!

    • December 10, 2011 at 8:11 pm #

      Supporting a telangana cause can’t be said to be stupidity.While the telangana problem is there for the last 60 years,during which a genaration has already passed,how can you say frustrations will go and finally problem ends peacefully.When your heart is wounded,it will not heal in the life-time and will pass on to generations.That is what has happened to telangana movement.The agony,illtreatment on all counts, suffered by T-people at the hands of andhrites is almost perpetual.Even today the average andhrite donot taste my accent,my region and tries to mow-down me.Take my example at rajamundry,where I am posted unfortunately,the hotelier asked whether I am from ‘pakistan’ when I casually asked him to serve ‘chai’ after idli.Some of the educated gentleman degrages me as I spoke T-accent.Even a stenographer who is subordinate to me shouts at me after hearing my T-accent.Just think how my self-respect is hurt and tell me how should I respond.Shall I abuse them,beat them? Tell me.

  4. December 3, 2011 at 5:06 am #

    Wonderful sir.

    Your thinking has real clarity and I am sure you are making a difference. I think your efforts will change the political direction of this state and will earn a place in the heart of majority of people.

  5. December 4, 2011 at 4:02 am #

    Dear Prabhakar gaaru,
    It was a good job taking up this argument in Delhi and in Hyderabad.I think more of this should be done at National level in the National Media both print and T.V.
    1)Sri Krishna Commission is very clear on the fact that Telangan is not the only backward area in Andhra Pradesh nor in India.
    2)There is no proof whatsover that there has been a systemic neglect of Telangana by whatever forces at whatever level.
    3)Third how can the same people, same parties, same politicians under a new party and same societal values bring out a change under a Seperate Telangana.
    4)Fourth silly and uneducated argument by select leaders that smaller states will empower Backward classes we know what is happening in UP,Bihar,Chattisgarh etc and there is no change in the lives of poor people.
    5)When these buggers have run out all reasons they will say ‘Atma Gowravam’.When they parade figures of unrelated deaths as Telangana Movement deaths these kind of people have sunken to the lowest and are the scum in the gutter.What Atma Gowravam.
    6)It is a culture of ‘Bullying Politics’ and then do Vasool.I am shocked that these happen in this day and age.I certainly think they got a liver of this brand of politics from the Bhoo Bakasura Y.S.Raja Sekhar and copied the savarajakeeyaalu from Y.S.Jagan.
    7)Then they have an extensive network of student union leasers, trade union leaders right down to some scum in Foreign countries who are all eagerly waiting to benefit from contracts.
    8)But Sir some would doubt that you are the other side of the coin.If you or any political leader wants to prove their suchi then let them support ANNA HAZARE and ONLY and ONLY then we will trust them.If not we will assume you are in the loop too for some carrion.

  6. December 10, 2011 at 9:23 pm #

    According to ‘Merriam Webster Dictionary’, the word “lame” has the following meaning:
    1 a : having a body part and esp. a limb so disabled as to impair freedom of movement b : marked by stiffness and soreness ‹a ~ shoulder›
    2 : lacking needful or desirable substance : weak ineffectual ‹a ~ excuse›
    3 slang: not being in the know : square
    4 a : inferior ‹a ~ school› b : contemptible nasty ‹~ racist jokes›
    The caption itself denotes the state of telanganites’ lives.Hence it is an absolute necessity to have T-state.

  7. December 17, 2011 at 6:36 pm #

    “They refuse to be engaged in a civilised debate”

    Sure, so are SA-vadis. Just go see any pro-T site or even Rediff news comments.

  8. January 29, 2012 at 10:47 pm #

    Mee Vyaasamu mee Akshara Maalika.,Mee Tena Telugu pallukullu.., Brathukuthunna Samajamu, Samskruthika, Rajaakeeya Aavaaranam tho kudinavayyi moodintini Ardham cheppu vidhamu bahu Baggundhi. Ee Aadhuniki yugaana Lakshiaya kaarakkullu, Dhaarmikhullu Kuda Srujanapu Tathvam Avagaahana tappana sari anni nirdhaaristhu mee vyaasaallu kanabaruchaayyi.
    Vyaasa rachanallo Aasakthikaramaina vishayaallu, viseshaallu undhi ganuka sradhaga pareeksha cheyyatam jarigindhi. Anubhava chesukuni vaastavaani grahinchakaligaamu. Vraasina maatalaku., srujanaa ki nijamaina gauravam ‘’saastreya dhrukpadhamu vaikiri ki praathi paadhika avvutundhi ani nirupinchaaru. Prathi vaadhaaniki rendu amsaallu avvasaramu. Pradaana nirdhaarannamu. Yedaina sare vishayaani gurunchi nirdhaaristhu, samachaaramu anni kuda vaatini ballo pethamu chestane Vaatine sindhaanthamu anni antaaru!!!!!!
    Srujana Seelatha tho, mee Sontha Annubhava praathi paadhamga pariseelinchi Nirvechana chesaaru, Nirvachana chesina vaarini helana cheyatamu., vaari maatallanu aalakinchakunda daadi cheyatam vantivi chaala thala birrusu thanamu tho kudina Telangana vaadhamu anni annipinchu vidhamuga ayyindhi… Tarkham ye Rangam loni vaarikayyina kashtam.,nashtam baadani, noppistundhi anni rujuvayyindhi.VISHAALANDRA vedikanu., mee nirmaanaani gandhara gollam chesi, mee nirvachanaani moogaparichi ., daadi cheyuta saraswathi putrallanu, kavvulanu, Rachayutalanu,Vidhya vethalanu gaaya paruchuta Sarswathi Devini kinchaparichina vaarayyinaaru. Telangana vinnadhamu ye sipharasu valla Raadhu!!!!

    Vishaya nirupana,vaati swabhaani visidheekarana chesi Rujuvullu cheyakaligina naadu., Aalochanalanu parvaani batti pariseelinchina pidapa aa Vaadaaniki,Vinnadaallu ballapaddutaayyi. Dursu tanamu tho kudina Sambaashana, manovyakthathvallanu Vibajinche Disaga maatallu parvam kuripinchitam.., maanava lakshanam Kaadu, Udhyamamu avvadhu.

    Charcha vedika ante anghikaaramu, saamarasyamu,Helana, thalla birusu tannamu prasna ki jawab vanti parvam lo konna nirvachana vanti dwaara vache jawab angikaara mudra veyabadunu., Charcha Dwaara Saamarasyamu ga undaalani mee aalochana vaikiri nyaayamu ga Gocharinchanapitaki., prajallaku ardhamu kaaka.,Telangana naayakkullu vesina oobillo paddaaru. Charcha ante Srujanaku kontha protyahimpa vidamu ga chesthene charcha avvutundhi anni mee sadbhaavanu.., Ma Telangana naayakulu Vedikaku raakunda.., Charchinche gunnamu, naiyyi punyamu(maatlade paddathi) Telangana vaadulluki telliyadu anni cheppuko leka, mee charcha vedika vachinattu ga vachi daagudu moothallu aatallu aadi Daadi cheyatam vaari Annaagarikathani., Asamardhathanu choopinchanattu ga undhi.
    Saamajeeka aavarannallo gala bedhaallanu mee vivarana dwaara Maanavuni Srujana anubhavaani ki ballopethamu cheyyu vidamgaanu., Edutu vaarini prabhavitam cheyu vidhamuga unnayyi!!!!!

    Mee Sammayyika Vinnadham chusina, vinna indhulo okkaka konnamuna konni srujaanaatmaka maina vishayaallu kannabaruchaayyi. Nenu Telanga muddhu biddanayyina mee vyaasa vivvarana valla, charcha lo vishaya gamanika aalakimpa chesaayyi. tadwaara na vaaikarini maarchukunnaanu. Nenu Samayyika vaadi vaadananu ageekaristhu., na vanthu na thoti vaarini kuda vivarana dwaara vivarinchi samayyika vaadani ballopethamu chestaanu.

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