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Politics of Bharat Ratna

This @PTI_News tweet captures the subtle pecking order of Bharat Ratnas in the public mind: “Professor CNR Rao also awarded Bharat Ratna”. It meant that along with Sachin Tendulkar, Rao also was given our Republic’s highest civilian award. While Sachin may have deserved the award, Rao surely did not deserve the also. Coming as it […]

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Advani and Modi Make the Ride Bumpy

  The saga of Narendra Modi’s elevation as the Chief of Campaign Committee of BJP for 2014 elections, Advani’s resignation from his party positions in protest, and its subsequent withdrawal at the Sangh’s behest is not a simple storm in the BJP’s teacup. It clearly points to a deeper malaise in BJP and shows that […]

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It is Actually Modi Vs Modi in Gujarat

In Gujarat Elections 2012, it is essentially Modi Vs Modi. It is not a contest between BJP on the one hand and Congress and Gujarat Parivartan Party (GPP) on the other. It is not between Narendrabhai and Keshubhai. Nor is it between Modi and Rahul/Sonia. It is a contest between Modi that is seen as […]

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