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Social Media is a Time Stealer

I have drastically cut down the time I spend on the social media these days.  I was unsure whether I would lose much by distancing myself from Facebook and Twitter. But I took a chance. Today I can tell you that I hadn’t lost much; well, perhaps nothing at all. I rather gained. I have […]

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Tweets, Television, And News

There is one aspect of the ongoing Vadra/DLF-Kejriwal spat that caught my attention. Traditional media is now increasingly picking up things from the new media for its stories. In one of its bulletins, NDTV went to Kejriwal to ask for an elaboration of his tweet. Kejriwal tweeted his response to DLF’s defense of its position […]

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Tweet it? Post it? Share it? Mail it? Forward it? Upload it?

I do not know how many people are suffering from this. And I have no idea about how many people are even aware that they are in this peculiar trap. This is a menace. A disease. A disorder. And an affliction. It is probably more debilitating than crack. It can turn one into a zombie. […]

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