Words Matter


There’s quite a bit to think about in this. 

There’s a lot of pompous prose and humbug writing going around these days especially in business and political spheres.

I think most of the stuff we see need not be written at all. It is read because it is written and available on the net and is leading to reading-overload. 
If we don’t read, we get anxious that we may be missing out something.

But if we read we would have spent a good chunk of our limited reading time only to realise that it was simply trash and could have done without it.
I do not know what to do about it. 
Traditional sources of content – like old time printing/publishing – have a curator, an editor or someone who vetted them before unleashing them on to us.

But these days, the times of self publishing, our reading list is crowded and cluttered. We are often waylaid by mails, suddenly ambushed by a link posted on the social networking sites, or lured into reading a status or posting.
In a way we are liberated from the tyranny of the gatekeeper editors. In another way we are completely unguided and left to be overwhelmed by a vast amount of content pouring into the net.

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