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An Impressive Cultural Initiative in Vijayawada

This is perhaps the fourth time I went to Cultural Centre of Vijayawada (CCV). A place for art, culture, language and heritage. A place that is set up in Vijayawada with great passion and maintained with dedication by Sri Y Harischandra Prasad. The Centre is running under the guidance of the renowned archeologist and Buddhist scholar Dr E Sivanagi Reddy.

Andhra Pradesh, Art, Culture, Parakala Prabhakar 18-11-2015 0 Comments


I’m a lover of sunsets. I don’t think they will ever cease to fascinate me.

sunset 08-06-2013 0 Comments

Canopy of Kadamba Tree

This is the grand canopy of Kadamba Tree over the eastern corridor of Isavaasyam. I shot this last week in the early evening, just before it got dark.

Isavaasyam, Parakala Prabhakar 07-06-2013 0 Comments

Kapu Rajaiah. The Artist and His Drawings

Kapu Rajaiah. The Artist and His Drawings He recently died. But Kapu Rajaiah’s simple style, his delicate lines and the native themes are here to stay with us.

Kapu Rajaiah, Line Drawings, Parakala Prabhakar 06-06-2013 0 Comments