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Farewell, Mahaa News

This is a detailed letter written by Parakala Prabhakar to the employees of Mahaa News while stepping down from the Board of the Company that runs the Channel and relinquishing the responsibility of monitoring its day to day affairs..

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Social Media is a Time Stealer

I have drastically cut down the time I spend on the social media these days. I was unsure whether I would lose much by distancing myself from Facebook and Twitter. But I took a chance.

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Tweets, Television, And News

There is one aspect of the ongoing Vadra/DLF-Kejriwal spat that caught my attention. Traditional media is now increasingly picking up things from the new media for its stories.

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Sorry. I Got It Wrong About Telangana March

About the Telangana March, I got it wrong. I went wrong with the numbers. I said that their best effort was unimpressive. Sorry. I was wrong. I uncritically accepted the estimates of the news papers and the television channels and also gave credence, more than I ought to have, to the estimates the organizers of the March have put out.

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Isn’t Technology Changing the Survey Landscape?

Technological advances in data collection, analysis, and presentation are increasingly influencing the way we carry out surveys, understand the data and their correlations and report the findings.

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Telugu Media Houses::The New Charm Offensive

Recently, two Telugu media houses launched a charm offensive. I would like to think that they did what they did to achieve some noble objectives. But, I am afraid, elements that point in a different direction do stick out rather uncomfortably.

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Tweet it? Post it? Share it? Mail it? Forward it? Upload it?

I do not know how many people are suffering from this. And I have no idea about how many people are even aware that they are in this peculiar trap. This is a menace. A disease. A disorder. And an affliction.

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Can’t Your Employees Be Your Brand Ambassadors?

Businesses are single minded in their focus on conveying their brand promise to the market. They are intensely extrovert. They ought to be. Perhaps, even the best of efforts to reach out to the market also seem to fall short of some notional standard that lurks in the minds of the business leaders. The drive to reach out, therefore, increases. It ought to.

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How ‘Disruptive’ is Disruptive?

Market is indeed crowded. There is a lot of communication happening. Every company is trying to engage the attention of the consumer to push a product, to position its brand, or to tell the market about its unique selling proposition.

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