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BJP Can Look to Rao’s 1991 Architecture

The article argues that the Indian economy is in decline and the government is in denial. Government's inaction is rooted in BJP's lack of a coherent economic policy. It suggests that it can look to Narasimha Rao's 1991 architecture.

Economy, Indian Economy, Modi Government, BJP, Narasimha Rao, Manmohan Singh, Indian Economic Slowdown 21-12-2019 0 Comments

BJP Can Look to Rao

Ruling BJP has no coherent economic policy. They are in a denial about the slowdown and challenging staring at the economy. Article argues that they could adopt Narasimha Rao's architecture to revive the economy.

BJP, Indian Economy, PV Narasimha Rao, Manmohan Singh, Parakala Prabhakar, Slowdown 11-11-2019 0 Comments

How ‘Disruptive’ is Disruptive?

Market is indeed crowded. There is a lot of communication happening. Every company is trying to engage the attention of the consumer to push a product, to position its brand, or to tell the market about its unique selling proposition.

Communications, Parakala Prabhakar 17-08-2012 0 Comments

AP’s Debt Wish

I wrote this way back in 2006 I think. The financial situation in the state hasn’t seen much improvement since. In fact, if anything, it has worsened.

Andhra Pradesh, AP Economy, Debt, India's political economy, State Debt in India, State Economy in India, State finances in India 13-02-2012 0 Comments

Varam Saapam Kaakoodadu (Telugu)

Ee Madhya kaalam lo prapancham lo ekkadainaa sare iddaru aardhika vettalu kalusukumte bharata desam prastaavana raakundaa undatledu. Paaschatya desaalloni perunna investment bankerlandaroo mana desam meeda iteevala pratyeka drishtini saaristhunnaaru. Vaari varshika nivedikallonu, adhyayanaallonoo mana desa aardhika vyavasth meeda, vividha rangaala sthithigathula meeda vaari vaari anchanaalanu prakatisthunnaaru.

Demographic Divident, Indian Economic Growth, Indian Economy, Indian Political Economy 13-02-2011 0 Comments

Eleventh Plan’s Major Departures

The Eleventh Five Year Plan is awaiting its rites of passage. Its draft has left Yojana Bhavan for the South Bloc. The Union Cabinet’s approval now is a mere formality. The National Development Council in all likelihood will give its nod by the end of this year. The document that will fashion the contours of India’s development path until 2012 has, behind the customary platitudes, some cleverly concealed policy departures.

Eleventh Five Year Plan, India's Five Year Plans, India's growth rate, Indian Agriculture, Indian Economy, Indian Infra sector, Indian Political Economy 13-02-2011 0 Comments