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My Crush on Footnotes

I wanted to write about this for a long time, but couldn’t just get to doing it. Mary Beard’s July 26, 2012 blog in the Times Literary Supplement (TLS) jogged my memory. I thought I should get it off my chest without any further delay.

Footnotes, JNU, Mary Beard, Parakala Prabhakar, Times Literary Supplement 26-08-2012 0 Comments

School Education: Shoudn’t We Meet the Challenge?

School education in the state of Andhra Pradesh has been more or less completely sucked into the education market. The ones which are outside the market are only those run by the government and the Christian Missionary and other Religious organizations. We need not talk about the government schools and its other educational establishments. They are run down, poorly provided and the morale of the teachers in them is at its lowest. So much so only those who cannot afford to pay even the cheapest private school’s monthly tuition fee admit their children in them. The Missionary/Religious organization schools have their way of functioning. They have good campuses. Probably good resources as well. But the pedagogy and the teaching-learning practices in those schools are far from satisfactory.

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Education – Four Parts

This is something that captures the essence of imparting education. I am very impressed by the insight it offers on the process of education: Aacharyaat paadamekamsyaat Paadam sahabrahmacharibhihi Paadam tu medhaya

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